The club house is situated in Mullet Road, Laira, Plymouth (map). A Social club is nearby that can be used for social occasions, rifle club members become a member automatically.

Target shooting can be very rewarding, as it is a sport that can be simply a competition with yourself, trying to achieve the maximum score of 100, or a competition against other clubs in the area on a shoulder to shoulder basis, or a competition shot on a postal basis against other teams within the Plymouth and District area, county or country.

Locally, these may be as part of a team, or as an individual. The type of team shooting would be shoulder to shoulder, where you visit other clubs within the Plymouth and District area, on a home and away basis. The individual shooting would be a postal shoot in the P & D Summer League, based on league averages, or if the person had not shot in the league, as a declared average.

Other postal shooting, where the cards are sent to a marker, can consist of shooting against other clubs within Devon, or the Civil Service leagues, where competitors shoot against other clubs within the country. These can be either as a team or as an individual, shooting against other teams or individuals.

Shooting outdoors also takes place at the Plymouth and District shoots, which are shot at the Budleigh Farm range, near Moretonhampstead. At Christmas time, there is a outdoor turkey shoot.

Devon and Cornwall also have shoots at various venues, and many other counties have outdoor shoots. So the possibilities are endless.

There are other indoor shoots at various clubs, such as Okehampton and Exeter which are held at dates throughout the year.

The club shoot .22 prone rifle only (no air gun shooting), and use iron sight target rifles (no telescopic sights), and have rifles which can be used on an organised shoot if spaces are available.

People applying for a trial will be given 2 or 3 trials periods, after which they must decide if they wish to carry on. If they decide that they like the idea, would become a probationary member for a minimum period of 3-6 months, to see that they have the necessary discipline to join, as the restrictions by the police are quite strict.

The minimum age for full membership is 15 years, but there can be exceptions at the clubs discretion, provided the participant is accompanied at all times by a club member over the age of 21. The only people excluded are those who are considered a "prohibited person" under Section 21 of the Firearms Act 1968.

Once you are a member, having paid your yearly club subscription, plus membership to the social club, and N.S.R.A. membership fees, unlike many clubs, there are no range fees. The only costs would be for some postal competitions, should you wish to participate, and your ammunition.

You can get in touch with us with the link under contact.

Should anyone wish to give it a try, then please email us, and we will let you know the present situation, as normally you would be put on a waiting list, but it has been temporarily suspended, until the present list is exhausted. The number of rifles available, and a maximum number of members will determine how many people can be accepted.

There is an exception to this (at present) which is if you already have a FAC (firearms certificate), have your own smallbore match rifle (.22), and have experience in this type of shooting, however you will still have to serve the probation period.

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